STRAW BOYS is a tradition-based band with a modern sound playing powerful celtic music in and around southern California. Our repertoire includes everything from traditional Irish and Scottish jigs and reels to Manx and Welsh tunes to original compositions, with an occasional American tune thrown in for good measure. We sing popular pub songs as well as more obscure songs that tell of life, love and death.

During the course of an evening’s performance, we blow, bow, pluck and prod all manner of instruments. The sound of the band can be as sweet as the morning dew, or as menacing as artillery fire. Our sets include pieces that highlight the pure tone of a single instrument tearing at your heartstrings as well as pieces that slowly build in complexity and intensity, with other instruments joining in until the band is barreling like a locomotive at full bore toward some exotic destination.

The name of the band came from a mention of straw boys by Melanie O’Reilly at a sean nos workshop. Straw boys were the original wedding crashers. Their history is explained in more detail here.